National Defense Militia Commanders Take Some Steps As The Militia Is On The Verge of Being Dissolved

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DeirEzzor24 Exclusive Report :

The commander of the NDF, Firass Iraqiya, increased his activities in Deir Ezzor after the Russian foces claimed that it would dissolve the militia. He visited the positions of his fighters in the western Deir Ezzor countryside and Al-Shula.

His moves coincided with Hassan Ghadban, an NDF commander, visiting the positions of the militias in the area from the Mariyah to the Mayadeen in the eastern countryside.

In the same context, there are reports indicating that Russia intends to dissolve the NDF and merge it with the 17th Division and to appoint Firass as a member of the security committee in Deir Ezzor, who has left for Damascus to discuss a means that prevents Russia from implementing the decision.

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