Iranian pilgrims in Deir Ezzor enjoy electricity while local people are deprived of it.

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The Electricity Company of Assad’s institutions in Deir Ezzor, represented by its director, engineer Khaled Lutfi, proceeded to connect permanently electricity lines to the headquarters of Iranian pilgrims and the commanders of the Iranian militias located in Deir Ezzor.

This comes at a time when the people of the area suffer from the miserable electrical current situation, as a quarter of the governorate does not have electricity in most of the towns and cities located between Al-Bukamal and Al-Mayadeen, despite the return of its residents to their areas, while the rest of the areas receive an hour of electricity supply in exchange for 5 hours of rationing.

Among the areas that are also supplied with electricity throughout the day in Deir Ezzor governorate are the residences of Ghazi Ayyash and the Hammoud al-Abed area, due to the presence of security branches and the party branch within them.

What increases the suffering of the people with regard to the electric current is the reality of the frequency protection, which increases according to the high loads on the network, as the power of electricity in some villages does not exceed 100 volts.

It should be pointed out that Deir Ezzor’s share is 40 megabytes, 15 of which go to SDF-controlled areas under trade and oil agreements, while the sources confirm that the Russian facilities also enjoy good electricity, as the fertilizer plant invested by Russia feeds 300 megabytes of network production.

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