ISIS launches a new large-scale campaign of raids on internet salons in al-Mayadin city east Deir Ezzor

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ISIS members have recently launched a new large-scale campaign of raids targeting internet salons in al-Mayadin city, east Deir Ezzor. Internet salons were encircled and mobile phones belonging to civilians were precisely and strictly searched and inspected that all chat conversations on social media along with videos were verified. Civilians were also ordered to stay near ISIS members vehicles for how long the inspection of their phones would take.

Any sign of suspicion or dissidence noticed by ISIS members while inspecting mobile phones of civilians would result in the confiscation of the phones and arrest of their owners. Yesterday, two civilians were arrested at one of the internet salons in al-Mayadin city after ISIS detected what it considered to be arousing suspicion.

It is worth to note that ISIS has recently started to recover WhatsApp deleted conversations from mobile phones of civilians in Deir Ezzor in an attempt to search for any signs of dissidence that would convict their owners.

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