ISIS in Abu Kamal impose uniform on all men

Written by Editorial Board

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ISIS forced shop owners from Al-Muqbi souq in Bukamal to undergo a Sharia (Islamic law) based study course.Al-Muqbi souq one of the oldest in the region, specializes in traditional attire as well as agricultural supplies. Deir 24 was contacted by one of the   store owners that underwent the course, which taught shopkeepers the importance of adhering to extremist interpretations of Islamic law regarding the clothing requirements of males and females. This includes length measurements of clothing, mandatory male head wraps shimagh, as well as punishing any female seen wearing any clothing with designs, embroidery or bright colors. It was also stipulated in these classes that if any woman is seen without a face cover niqab, or shows her eyes, shop keepers were required to call the authorities immediately.

It should be reminded that ISIS has been enforcing strict dress codes which require all local civilians to dress in the exact same manner as ISIS members. This is a strategical decision so that one cannot differentiate between ISIS foreign expats and local civilians. Additionally ISIS recently opened a tailoring shop which is creating a similar uniformed attire that all teachers and students will be required to wear at the onset of the academic year. ISIS is insistent that it’s school system will begin now that it’s school curriculum has finished being designed in the city of Mosul, Iraq.

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