Over two hundred were hospitalized and tens have died due to severe dust storms that have impacted the Deir Ezzor

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IMG-20150907-WA0001region and surrounding areas. Unfortunately in addition to air strikes, bombings and ISIS hostilities, the weather has also claimed lives, due to breathing complications. The weather has a particular impact on those that suffer from breathing conditions such as asthma. Over ten victims succumbed to such complications in the regime controlled area of the region. In addition to two victims that have yet to be identified, the victims include:

-Aisha Al-Nahban, 70 years
-Baraa Al-Moh, 6 years
-Muneer Al-Muwayna, 58 years
-Wael Al-Arfi, age unknown

In the ISIS controlled area of the region hundreds were taken to private clinics and dispensaries however such clinics did not have the capability to effectively treat all those impacted due to the economic strains on these entities and lack of medicine and supplies since the entrance of ISIS into the region.

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