International coalition targets Daesh group in airdrop operation northern Deir Ezzor

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Yesterday after midnight, the international coalition carried out an airdrop operation against a group of Daesh in the northern Deir Ezzor badiyah, killing three members, according to Deir Ezzor 24 network correspondent.

Our correspondent added that the operation was carried out after a group of Daesh riding 3 motorcycles burned al-Dahesh oil well in northern Deir Ezzor. The coalition aircraft managed to kill three members of the group in Fulaytih area in the northern Deir Ezzor badiyah.

A source told Deir Ezzor 24 network that the group had asked the man responsible for al-Dahesh well for a large sum of money, and because he refused to give them, they burned the well.

This is the second group to be targeted by the coalition in few days, as six members of Daesh were also killed in the eastern Deir Ezzor countryside a few days ago.

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