FSA faction Assud Al-Sharqiyah repulse a new Daesh offensive in eastern Qalamoun

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Assud Al-Sharqiyah, along with other FSA military factions, have repelled a Daesh attack in eastern Qalamon, retaking multiple key areas from the latter.

An eastern Qalamoun based source indicated that the organization launched a surprise attack yesterday midnight, initiating it with several VBIEDs, which targeted a number of FSA-held positions in eastern Qalamoun.



Launching a counter-attack, Assuad Al-Sharqiya have managed to retake several areas from the group, including the area of Al-Nakab, Mount Al-Sharqi and the signal center.

Daesh offensive in eastern Qalamoun coincides with intense Russian and Assad air strikes on FSA-controlled territory in the region.

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