A new massacre has been added today to the list of Russian massacres against civilians in Deir Ezzor

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Picture showing some of the civilian buildings which  have been reduced to rublle by Russia air strikes in Hatlah today


Once again, Russian warplanes have indiscriminately bombed residential buildings in Al-Tayana, Deir Ezzor’s eastern countryside, perpetrating an appalling massacre against the civilians residing in the village.


The death toll from indiscriminate Russian air strikes on Al-Tyana today has jumped up to five dead civilians, including women and children, whereas tens of others are in an extremely bad shape.


“The wounded were transported to the hospitals surrounding the village, and there are two children being treated for their life threatening injuries in an operating room, meaning the death toll might rise.” A D24 correspondent said today.


Russian warplanes continue their deliberate bombings on domesticated areas under the guise of fighting Daesh; which has been proved misleading, as most of the victims have solely been civilians so far.  Seven civilians were killed  yesterday in Muhaymidah town, Deir Ezzor western countryside, due to a Russian air raid with cluster ammunition.



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