“Deterrence of Terrorism,” a military campaign conducted by the coalition and the SDF east of the Euphrates

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Today, Friday (June 5), in a written statement, the Syrian democratic forces announced the launch of a large-scale military campaign with participation of the international coalition in the eastern Euphrates areas.

The “Deterrence of terrorism” campaign will cover areas of Iraq and Syria, and will focus on the areas east of the Euphrates and along the Khabur River, the statement said.

In the statement, the SDF said:
“After carrying out investigations and gathering information, and in cooperation with the international coalition and the Iraqi army, our forces began the “deterrence of terrorism” campaign.

“Daesh attacks have increased in the recent period, which poses a real threat to people’s safety, security and stability,” the statement continued.

The statement added that “the campaign will target Daesh’s hideouts and hotbeds which were a source of concern to the people and that work to disturb security and stability in the region and constitute a threat that threatens the return of Daesh.”

In its statement, the SDF announced that the campaign has started yesterday, and that the campaign is going well, and that the forces involved in the campaign had been able to arrest 20 elements on the first day.

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