Demonstrators in Deir Ezzor chant villain will not defeat honest

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Once again, the revolution broke out in Daraa after it seemed to be about to fade away due to political events that indicated no progress, and amidst the world silence except for denouncements and fruitless sanctions that cannot change the situation on the ground. Syrians suffer due to starvation, poverty, and humiliation in the Assad regime-controlled areas, and refugee camps.

Daraa moved to the forefront of events, as its residents rejected the elections of Bashar al-Assad and promoting him. The residents announced they are committed to the principles of the revolution. This provoked Russia and the Assad regime and stirred their preservation, hence taking revenge against the residents after Assad’s overwhelming win of the farce -like elections.

The Assad forces resorted to their known policy of besieging Daraa al-Balad whose residents resisted. The Assad forces demanded the residents to hand over their light weapons and displace dozens of people of the area to northern Syria; however, the residents rejected these demands, hence the Russian backed Assad forces clamped down on Daraa whose residents showed historic resistance, capturing Assad forces’ members. A temporary truce prevailed in the area.

The residents of Deir did not stand still towards the events in Daraa, as dozens of people demonstrated in support of Daraa. The demonstrators raised anti-Assad signs saying “From the Euphrates to Houran (Daraa)… One revolution and one fate until victory” and “The villain will not defeat the honest, referring to Daraa.” It looks as if the residents of Deir Ezzor were eager to restore the first moments of the revolution to support Daraa against the tyrant as long as they are alive. “You tyrants will not be able to eliminate revolutionaries.”

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