Daesh sleeper cells kill a group from Al-Shaitat people in two days

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A special source for D24 network said that a number of the SDF elements were killed in Abu Hardub town during the past two days.

According to the source, an SDF fighter from Al-Shaitat tribe was killed by unidentified gunmen the day before yesterday, Thursday, in Abu Hardub town.

The source added: “Two SDF elements from Al-Shaitat were also killed in Abu Hardub town one day after the first man had been killed in the town, and the assailants were heard crying “Allah Akbar” before shooting the two youths and then the killers fled to an unknown place in the town.

It is noted that there is a state of tension and anger in the area after the three men were killed, while finger of accusation is pointing at Daesh sleeper cells, which are scattered throughout the SDF-held territory of the eastern Deir Ezzor countryside.

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