Corruption networks threaten Northeastern Syria

Written by Editorial Board

Language / اللغة العربية

Corruption and bribes continue to spread in Northeastern Syria, causing more assassinations, kidnappings, and terrorizing civilians and military personnel, especially in the Deir Ezzor governorate in which many assassinations have occurred recently.

Today, media sources revealed information of corruption cases that brokers, smugglers, and security forces members contributed to. One of the sources said that Daesh prisoners escaped prisons in return for paying $20,000 per member. Security forces members and officials receive $15,000, leaving the $ 5,000 for brokers.

The sources added that security forces arrested 13 Daesh’ women from different nationalities, including Iraqi and Russian. The women escaped the al-Hol Camp. The security forces handed the women over to the General Security in Manbij, as officials kept them for one day before they facilitated the women’s escape; however, the officials received a lot of money and gold.

Corruption cases spread increased power of Daesh groups in the area, as those who escape from prisons and al-Hol Camp are a major source for Daesh groups. Most of the fugitives join Daesh and directly start work by their utmost grudge and desire of more terrorism to revenge their defeat and imprisonment.

Eliminating corruption and preventing smuggling prisoners from prisons and the al-Hol Camp is the most important step among those necessary to sustain stability and security in Northeastern Syria.

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