Daesh kills more than 20 elements of the Assad forces in Al-Mayadeen badiyah

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A military convoy of Al-Assad’s forces was ambushed by Daesh in Al-Mayadeen city badiyah east of Deir Ezzor.

D24 network correspondent said:

Some groups of Daesh launched a surprise attack on a military convoy of the Assad’s forces near Al-Rahba Castle, south of Al-Mayadeen city.

He added:

The attack resulted in the killing of more than 20 soldiers from the Assad forces and seizing two pick-up vehicles by Daesh.

And D24 correspondent confirmed that Such an operation was recurrent in the last several days, where a truck, used for carrying soldiers’ food, containing a driver and two elements of the Assad forces was ambushed in the same area by Daesh scattered groups in the Badiyah three days ago, resulting in a complete disappearance of the car and the elements.

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