Child from Ash-Shahil, Deir Ezzor … achieves great success in sambo in Germany

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The child, Amir Al-Saleh, aged 11, from Ash-Shahil city in the eastern Deir Ezzor countryside, achieved great success in sambo in Germany.

D24 network reached out to the family of the child, Amir Al-Saleh, residing in Baden-wünterberg in Germany, where Amir’s father, “Abdul Jabbar”, said that his son has been practicing this sport since he was at a very early age, and he is very attached to it, pointing out that his son’s interest and continuous training paid him to participate in the sambo Championships held In Germany.

Amir has achieved high positions in this sport, but what is remarkable is that he practices this sport with older children, due to his success, his ability to confront his opponents, and his high experience in the sport he has been practising a few years ago. Amir has got the second and third place “silver and bronze medals” in this sport in the German Championships.

Amir is preparing to participate in new championships in Germany and abroad, in which children groups of older age will be participating. Amir Al-Saleh trains every day in German clubs, supervised by German coaches, who admire his intelligence in this sport, and his ability to confront older opponents.

Amir was honored by the Government of the province where he lives, as he managed to get a knife away from a young man in a German school, relying on sambo which he loves and practices.

Amir, born in Ash-Shahil city in 2008, left Syria to escape the war in his country and arrived in Germany, but till now he and his family are still waiting to get the official asylum papers in Germany, which he has not yet received.

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