Attempt to assassinate the commander of the Revolutionary Guards militia in Deir Ezzor

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DeirEzzor24 exclusive report:

After the official in charge of the Iranian Revolutionary Guards militia east of the Euphrates, Hajj Mahdi, visited yesterday the Iranian Nasr Center on Port Said Street in Deir Ezzor, he parked his car in front of his new home in the Al-Rusafa neighborhood, which is under the control of the Iranian Revolutionary Guards militia.

On his return, an explosive device was found under his Toyota pickup by his companions, while it was confirmed that his other Shas cars, pickup trucks and Avanti taxis were devoid of any explosives and mines.

After that, the bodyguards of Hajj Mahdi quickly evacuated the place and searched the Rusafa neighborhood, which is considered one of the destroyed and uninhabited neighborhoods.

A state of high alert was declared and all elements of the Iranian Revolutionary Guards were summoned to Nasr Center last night, and a number of Iranians were accused of attempting to assassinate Hajj Mahdi inside the square and the vicinity of the Iranian Nasr Center

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