Assad’s forces confiscate properties and shops in Al-Bukamal

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Groups affiliated with the Assad forces backed by groups of the National defense militia confiscated shops and houses yesterday in Al-Bukamal city.

“A military force composed of the Assad’s forces and the National Defense Militia confiscated a group of houses and shops in Al-Bukamal yesterday,” said D24 correspondent, who continued:

“10 shops in Baghdad Street and 4 others in Al-Nuvitaih Street, and a number of houses in Al-Katif and Al-Jamaayat neighborhoods, all of them, were confiscated, the patrolmen informed the people in the neighboring houses and shops that those properties and stores were confiscated because their owners had left Syria and conspired against it.

It is indicated that the majority of the National defense militia elements in Al-Bukamal have followed the Shiite faith after Hashd Al-Shaabi and the Iranian militias had entered the city.

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