Corruption in Deir Ezzor water corporation reaches the extent of stealing the civil servants’ salaries

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The corruption in Deir Ezzor water Corporation, run by “Moaz Aloush” and a group of figures of the Assad regime party, has increased significantly, leading to discontent and indignation of the employees and civil servants of the Corporation.

The civil servants of the water Corporation in Deir Ezzor city complained that they have not received their salaries and entitlements for 2018 despite the constant promises by the Corporation’s management.

While the civil servants of the Corporation in the areas of Deir Ezzor countryside controlled by the Assad’s forces complained that they have not received their entitlements and salaries since 2016.

Sources for D24 said that the director of Deir Ezzor Water Corporation informed the Ministry that the civil servants were paid their salaries and entitlements while in fact no one of them was paid.

The sources added: The Water Corporation is also indebted to contractors who have not been paid for more than a year, adding to which the Corporation management has provided a report of expenditure volume to the Directorate which amounted to 900 million Syrian pounds, even though all officials know that the majority of projects were funded by international donations such as the projects funded by the UN and other organizations.

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