Assad regime arrests Abu Talas, Firas al-Iraqiya’s assistant

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The Assad regime’s Criminal Security raided the house of Abu Talas, who is a commander of the National Defense (ND) militia in Deir Ezzor. Abu Talas is involved in drugs and hashish trafficking and known for his absolute loyalty to the Iranian militias.

Abu Talas is a major assistant of Firas al-Iraqiya the ND commander in Deir Ezzor. He is also a prominent influential figure in the area.

Earlier, Assad forces members tried to arrest Abu Talas on the background of his involvement in a lot of thefts and drug trafficking. The attempts stirred clashes between the Aerial Intelligence branch and the ND fighters, injuring fighters of both sides.

It is known that AI-Iraqiya, Abu Talas, and others, in addition to their power resulting from their support for “Assad”, own a lot of real estate in the city, operate without control in the drug trafficking on a large scale in the region, and take advantage of their power to impose “royals” on civilians and exploit them .

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