Al-Arudu Lana’ ( The Earth Is Ours) operation… FSA continue to advance in the Syrian badiyah.

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As a part of ‘Al-Ardu Lana’ (The Earth Is Ours) operation, the FSA factions operating on the front lines in the Zalaf area and Al-Rassi’, Al-Suwadae’s eastern countryside, have gained more territory from Assad’s forced, being backed by Iranian militias.



Among the captured positions were the Zalaf checkpoint, which was of singnificant importance to pro-regime militias for its location on an elevated hill in the eastern countryside of Al-Suwadae. More than 20 militiamen were killed inside and in the vicinity of the checkpoint.


The FSA also managed to destroy and damage several armored vehicles, and to pulverize a MIG fighter jet stationed in the Dumeir airport east of Damascus using a Konkurs guided missile.


Heavy clashes between Assad’s force, being backed by Iranian militia, and the FSA also erupted in the Dakwah area and Beer Qasab in the eastern countryside of Damascus, duing which the latter managed to advance to the power plant( SANA) and the Dumeir airport. Assad’s forces have also made gains in the Dakwa area and had took over Tel Dukhan before the FSA regained control over it after a short time.


The FSA targeted Assad’s forces positions in the Tishreen Plant, which has been turned into an operation room  by the regime, with rocket launchers. They gained control over the Tel Musseimitah area west of Beer Qassab, killing and wounding dozens of sectarian militiamen, including a colonel, in addition to the captured of several others.


Amid these intense clashes, the FSA shoot down an Iranian attack drone in the Zakaf base, which was recently established in the Syrian desert 70 km northeast of Al-Tanaf and 130 km far from Al-Bukamal.


The coalition have announced the destruction of a convoy belonging to pro-Assad militias near Al-Tanaf border crossing as they were trying to advance against coalition-backed factions in Mount Ghurab.

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