Abu Khawlah: The Assad Regime And The Iranian Militias Provided Support to Daesh In The East Of The Euphrates

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Ahmed Abu Khawlah, the commander of the Deir Ezzor Military Council, has revealed the reasons behind their retreat from several areas in the eastern countryside.

He said in an interview with a Kurdish TV channel ‘ One of the reasons that we retreated from several areas we previously liberated from Daesh is the fact that Assad’s forces are supporting Daesh from the Euphrates River by taking advantage of the absence of the Coalition due to the sandstorm.’

The commander also accused the Iranian militias and Assades forces in west of the river of providing support to Daesh fighters who operated in the east of it. Abu Khawlah said that the Daesh was allowed to use the Euphrates River to target our positions.


Abu Khawla added that the SDF have sent massive reinforcements to curb the advancement of the organizations and retake the initiative.

Daesh have recaptured several areas from the SDF in the eastern Deir Ezzor countryside, inflicting heavy casualties upon them.

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