The soldiers of the caliphate’ are adulterers

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Daesh stoned to death last week nine of its members in Deir Ezzor city on charges of committing adultery. The executed include ‘Abu Mahmod Zubari’, ‘Abu Zubeir Jarabulssi’, ‘Abu Mohamed Mayadini’, Abu Omar Quriyah and another unidentified affiliate. Since its capturing of the province, Daesh has executed hundreds of its affiliates on different charges which revolve around spying, trying to flee, defection, weapon dealings, homosexuality, adultery and smuggling civilians outside Daesh-held territory.


The reason behind the executions is to plant fear in the hearts of its fighters in order to prevent them from rebelling against the organization. Another motive is to deliver the message that the organization is still powerful.


Daesh pursues almost the same policy of the Assad regime when dealing with violators. What makes it distinct is the charges of ‘disbelief and adultery’ which it considers as a fair reason to kill, while the regime sees them as normal activities.

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