The massacre in Al-Mayadin: A new caravan of civilian martyrs due to airstrikes

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Defenseless civilians in Deir Ezzor continue to fall victims to the ongoing conflicts in the province which do not take into account their miserable situation.

Aircraft bombed yesterday residential buildings in the city of Al-Mayadin, which resulted in a horrific massacre against civilians. More than 10 civilians, including children and women, were killed, and several others were wounded, most of whom sustained life-threatening wounds. The locals are still digging in order to rescue those who are still trapped under the rubble. In addition, large-scale damages were caused to civilian property.


The province is witnessing an intense and constant wave of airstrikes targeting Daesh-held territory, which has resulted in several appalling massacres against the local civilians.

  • Names of the killed civilians:
  • Hussein Hamad Aruk
  • Hamad Hussein Aruk
  • Hassan Hussein Aruk
  • A child of Hussein Aruk
  • Leith Mohamed Aref Alussi and his wife
  • The wife of Khalif Al-Khalif
  • The wife of Hamed Al-Khalif
  • Two children from the family of Al-Khalif

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