The family of Abu Mohamed, a family caught between ISIS and Assad-regime in Deir Ezzor

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During recent clashes between ISIS and Assad-regime forces, civilians have been the only victims, especially in battle zones like Deir Ezzor city and its western countryside, where they are caught between both parties.


The family of Mohamed, consisting of five members, a mother, her two daughters and two little sons, had attempted to flee Deir Ezzor city several times but failed. However, they recently had the opportunity to escape the city, taking advantage of the ISIS attack on Al-Bughayliya in early Sunday. Their escape attempt was like a journey through death.

After the family was inspected by an ISIS checkpoint, they were only allowed access to Maadan until further investigations, then they took a boat to cross to the other side of the Euphrates River. Assad-regime forces, positioned at the heart hospital began randomly shooting at them, as they were heading towards the other side of the river.


Their attempt of reaching the other side of The Euphrates River lasted for 30 minutes during which they survived drowning in the river due to the random shooting, which damaged the boat they were raiding. In the end, they managed to cross , however, upon their arrival they were transferred to al Hawayj passageway by a group of ISIS members, where they were asked to pay 2000 lira for each member of the family in order to allow them to cross to Huwayj Diyab Shamiya. As the family was in need to reach that destination, they paid the amount of money to the ISIS members.

When they arrived at Huwayj Diyab Shamiya, regime artillery began targeting the passageway, causing each member of the family to run in different directions, however, they were reunited all together after they found Salim, one of the little sons, yesterday afternoon. The family is now living in a school in the town of Maadan in rural Deir Ezzor, after ISIS police issued orders to put them there. They will stay in the school along with other families until ISIS reaches a decision concerning their affair.


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