Displaced families from western rural Deir Ezzor face miserable winter weather

Written by Editorial Board

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A number of villages situated in the western countryside of Deir Ezzor have lately witnessed a wave of displacement due to recent violent Russian air campaigns and the ongoing clashes between ISIS and Assad-regime, which turned some of the villages into complete war zones.

In the same context, all of the residents of Ayash town were displaced from their homes and they are living now in a camp under harsh and tragic conditions due to the extreme cold weather the province of Deir Ezzor is facing currently.

On the other hand, several families were displaced from Kharita town and they headed towards al Badiya, which is a place that would save them from Russian airstrikes, according to them. A number of families were also pushed to leave their homes in rural Deir Ezzor and have moved to live in safer villages in the province.


It should be noted that several civilians were obliged by ISIS to leave al Bughayliya and then moved to Ma’dan in rural Deir Ezzor where they are living now in a school under the groups’ surveillance.

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