Tension between the national defense and Iran’s militias rises again in the west of the Euphrates … D24 obtains the details

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Disputes among the pro-Assad militias have increased recently in Deir Ezzor province east of Syria, where the tension between the national defense militia and Iranian-backed militias in the region has become obvious.

The differences between the National defence militia and the Iranian militias, headed by Al-Baqer militia which is led by Nawaf al-Bashir, was over Daesh elements who signed settlement papers and joined the Iranian militias.

According to local sources, Daesh elements who signed settlement papers are the ones behind the assassinations and the killings that took place against the National defense elements in Deir Ezzor province.

The National defense militia accuses the Iranian militias that they have been covering up the actions of the former Daesh elements and that they, the Iranian militias, have provided security and military cover for Daesh elements.

It is indicated that dozens of Daesh elements in the eastern Euphrates have signed settlement papers and moved to the west of the Euphrates, where they joined the Iranian militias that provide food aid and salaries to the new elements, and protect them against prosecution.

It is noteworthy that the Iranian militias in Deir Ezzor are the real rulers in the region, and are the ones who decide every thing in the areas they control west of the Euphrates.

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