Sources : the explosion in the Qosor neighborhood is the result of the assassination of a number of Assad militiamen

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Deir Ezzor 24 exclusive:

Informed sources ruled out that the explosion that took place today in the Al-Qusour neighborhood near the Al-Bashir Institute in Deir Ezzor, where a number of Assad forces were killed or wounded, belonged to the remnants of the Daesh organization, justifying that the street in which the explosion occurred is not used by cars which transport ammunition.

The sources added that the reasons announced by al-Assad’s media do not exceed the coverage of its failure to secure the targeted area, as it includes the residences of officials such as the member of the branch command, “Omar al-Salama”, in addition to its proximity to the State Security headquarters, which puts al-Assad’s forces in an embarrassing position.

The sources suggested to Deir Ezzor 24 network that the cause of the explosion was the implementation of assassination and liquidation operations between the commanders of the National Defense Militia and the leaders of the Baath.

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