Several civilians were killed and wounded in air strikes by the Russian warplanes in Deir Ezzor province today

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On Tuesday, January 24, several civilians were killed and wounded due to intense airstrikes by both, Russia and the Assad regime, in different areas of Deir Ezzor province.

The air raids were concentrated on the neighborhoods of Deir Ezzor, which are controlled by Daesh. More than 60 air strikes have been executed since the morning against domesticated areas.

A D24 correspondent in the city reported that, “ At least 5 civilians were killed in the Salhiya area, which is the northern entrance to the city, while a civilian was killed, and his wife was wounded, in strikes by the Russian warplanes on the Muhassan city.


He added, “ the airstrikes which targeted the Cotton Factory north of Deir Ezzor led to the killing of a number of civilians as well.”


The air strikes with bunker-buster bombs have displaced many civilians from Daesh-held neighborhoods and the Muhassan city.


The Russian Defense Ministry announced recently that they targeted Daesh positions with strategic missiles on Tuesday, which explain the heavy air strikes that have been carried out for one week against the province.


The air strikes come amid light clashes between Daesh and Assad’s foces on the fronts in the city, where Assad’s forces have failed for several times to break the siege on the military airport by recapturing the cemetery area.

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