Series of Criminals in Deir Ezzor,Amar Allawi (Part 5)

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ammar-alaweSince the beginning of the Syrian Revolution the Assad regime spent so much time and efforts attempting to counter and contain the revolution,especially after failing to convince the protesters of the so called ”reforms” which were no more than ink on paper,therefore,Assad sought help from his criminals and thieves from various spectrums,he even released some mercenaries from prisons;hoping they can save and protect his authority which began to fall apart.

Amar was born in 1966 in the district of Al-Huwayqa in Deir Ezzor ,he is the son of Adnan Allawi,dentist,regime officer and also the head of the military hospital.

He (the father of Allawi) himself was corrupt benefiting and taking advantage of his strong ties with Brigadier General Abboud Qadeh (ex head of the military intelligence branch in the province during the eighteenth.)

In the meantime Amar was still a teenager and student in the secondary school of Al -Furat,boasting his fathers’ relations with the prominent figures in Assad’s government and opening fire with his father’s gun during hunting trips which he bacame attached to since then.

Amar Allawi joined The Faculty of Architecture in the city of Damascus and graduated from it in 1989,then he was appointed as an employee in the general company of building and became its head in 1989.After that his talent at executing thievery in disguises started to appear,as he began stealing cement,iron and other construction materials ,Leaving the company saddled with debt,then he moved to the administration of Industrial Projects and then the the institution of water in 2003 where he lived his golden age taking advantage of the finance bloc allocated to the province of Deir Ezzor.

According to those close to him ,a bribe he recieved from Mohamed’s Copper Company of Industrial Business,reached 400 million Syrian Lira in exchange for keeping an eye blind to the techincal conditions for the establishement of Ayyash and Al-Mayadeen stations.This bribe raised a scandal which later on led AMAR along with some of his assistants to prison Until he was acquitted by a court judgment and fined a simple ammount of money over negligence only .

Unlike the other characters Allawi did not carry out any ”Tashbihi” criminal and wicked activities in the beginning of the revolution as he avoided appearing on TV and attending pro Assad rallies,but he was indirectly conveying a message to the regime that he was well prepared and ready for offering criminal acts and that he was only waiting for the right opportunity.

After the failure of Humaydan Al-Arssan to fulfill any objectives assigned to him by the Assad regime he was removed from his position(General leader of the National Defense Forces) and replaced by the enginner Allawi ,since the latter was more important to Assad because of his deep knowledge of the society of DeirEzzor and its contradictions too,in addition to his understanding of the regime and its strength.ALAAWI justified bieng the leader of the National Defense Forces for his relatives and friends that he was only trying to protect the country and to put an end to the choas,crimes and devastation that displaced the people of Syria.

In the villa near Al Fath mosque where Al Allawi lived, he used to issue orders to his elements to steal releief trucks and resale them to the people in the province.

After the siege of Deir Ezzor by the Assad Regime and ISIS,

his men from the National Defense Forces became the supervisors of the bread baking ovens in the districts of the city,they sold bread to the civilians with higher prices,and everyone who opposed this unfair act was beated,insulted and derprived of bread,Some of those who experiened these unjust acts and managed to get out of Deir Ezzur told us the following:

Allawi and his elements were the ones who always recieved relief aid shipements and after taking their shares they sold the rest to civilians with exorbitant prices,they also set up checkpoints to steal more and harass women.

The Allawi used to invite his former employees to his own villa,plotting against the revolution and trying to appear as if he was the protector of the illusioned people from this ”revolution that led us to lose everything precious and made those living in the countryside rich because of looting the archaeological sites,oil and Gaz.”

He also vowed in his letters while addressing the most wanted citizens in DEIR EZZUR that he was capable of resolving their situation in case they lay down arms,citing his success in luring twenty wanted people before and regularizing their status.

But despite all of his criminal and unlawful deeds which he offered for Assad,the later threw him in prison after AllAWI recieved several charges such as cooperating with ISIS and selling the ammunition and weapons of NDF in rural DEIR EZZUR and Hasakah.Alalwi spent a while in prison and then was released by the regime so as to continue his criminal acitvities in Deir Ezzor.

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