Series of Criminals in Deir Ezzur-Part 7, Saher Al-Sakr

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Syrian people’s heart was filled with hatred and resentment against the oppressing Assad forces ,waiting impatiently for the revolution to come in order to stand in the face of the tyrant Bashar Al-Assad.There were also many who stood by Assad and helped him in massacring and slaughtering Syrian civilians,taking advantage from their positions in the government,which they took by paying bribes and maniplulating the laws,therefore they saw the revolution as a real opportunity to achieve their goals even if it would be on the dead bodies of the syrian people.

One of the most notable persons who climbed on the dead bodies of the innocents is the so called Saher Al-Sakr,born in Deir Ezzur in 1963,his familiy background is from Palmyra.

He holds a degree in economics from the university of Aleppo,and like any other stateman in the government of Bashar Al-Assad,he knew how to attain his objectives.In Syria of Al-Assad If you want to be a director of a specefic company or a high ranking personal,you should follow the steps of Saher Al-Sakr who resorted to Al-Baath political party and became a member of its leadership from 2000 to 2004 and also a member of a diagonal conference of Al-Baath Party.It’s commonly known in Syria that you can not apply for any job as long as you do not hold a certifacte proving you are a member of Al-Assad Political Party,even sport was considered as an office of Al-Baath Party,and whoever wants to become a chairman of sport clubs the first thing he needed to do is to attend courses for becoming a worker of Al-Baath Party as Saher Al-Sakr did and was able to be chairman of Al-Fatwa Club for several years and later on he became the director of Al Furat Spinning Factory in Deir Ezzur.

Unlike some bribed figures no one could get any tangible evidence against him because he was receiving bribery through mediators so as to keep his page clean.

As The Syrian revolution appeared he quickly attempted to please Assad Regime offering repessive and tyrincal acts like forcing the workers of the factory in Deir Ezzur (run by Saher Al-Sakr),to orgnize rallies in support of Assad Government,he also cracked down on the rebel’s protests and demonstrations.He bought Crudgels and distributed them to his workers to attack those who protest against Assad,he was always at the front of those pro Assad rallies and expelled or imprisoned all of the workers who did not attend the pro Assad Activties and rallies.

It’s well known that the demonstrations in Deir Ezzur were held in Al-Huriya (Liberty)Courtyard since one of the branches of Al-Baath Party had an office in a building overlooking the courtyard,and to prove his loyality to Assad ,Saher Al-Sakr opened fire ,along the guards, on the demonstrators from the balcony of the office in Friday 22/4/2011,which was called the Great Friday as the protestors were able to pull down Bassel Al-Assad Statue.The Family of Saher was known for their support of Assad ,his counsins used to provoke demonstrators in Deir Ezzur till they killed two young men and handed themselves to Assad regime who later released them with arms to crack down on desmonstrations.When we talk about the family of Saher Al-Sakr,we should not forget his sister ,Reem Al-Sakr,who had a sexual realtion wih one of the leaders of Regime Military intelligence,also it is known that Reem had suspicious relations with some judges using her body to gain their support to realese criminals (who paid Reem Money),to Guarantee her position in the house of jusitce Reem resorted and chose to stand by Assad regime.

As the conflict intensified in Deir Ezzur and FSA captured most of the areas in Deir Ezzur province,Saher Al -Sakr moved to Assad regime held areas and joined the ranks of the Syrian Assad Army and continued his criminal deeds along his relatives and workers.

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