Betrayal of The Military Council to The Free Syrian Army in Deir Ezzur.

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Silence and helplesness were generated in the ranks of the FSA due to being subjected to pressure and many obstacles,starting with runing out of Ammunition and weaponry and the coming of Daesh(ISIS).

The members of FSA had no effects on those events (in Deir Ezzor province )as they sacrificed and gave everything they had to protect and help the people in Deir Ezzor but in exchange they did not get so much support and help from the Syrian citizens which later affected the Military councils as their leaders lost contact with their soldiers in different areas.

This case remained prevalent in the areas where there was serious clashes with Assad forces,and the tragedy came when the leaders of the military council ,led by Colonel Munir Al-Ahmad (leader of the Military Council )and Major Abdul Rahman (commander of The Revolutionary Council),announced their allegiance to ISIS.

As the Colonel (Munir Al-Ahmad ) was arrested by ISIS in the city of Raqqa,before The Organization took over the province of Deir Ezzor,and then released after a secret pledge of allgeiance to them.

Since then Colonel Munir became the head of any delegation whose aime was to negotiate with Daesh(ISIS) as he was considered as compromise figure who has long sought to calm down the factions who intended to fight against Daesh and foilling any Military gathering whose goal was to fight the organization.

When ISIS arrested a number of civilians from Deir Ezzur and confiscated their ammunition,Colonel Ahmed Munir Intervened directly to stop A gathering of FSA from attacking ISIS stonghlod of Raqqa.

Colonel Munir appeared as the wise man who was attempting to prevent the factions from any infighting as the area has serious front with Assad Forces in Deir Ezzur Military airport,but he was implicitly working to prepare the area so that people in it can easily embrace the ideology of Daesh.He also palyed a role in the assasination of Captain Ziyad Al Khazam who was arrested by Amer Al-Rafdan (one of the leaders of Daesh in Deir Ezzur).

With the increase in the pace of battles in some of the eastern countryside villages between FSA and Daesh which enabled the latter to take over some villages,as a result doubts began to increase about loyalty of some leaders because of some of their actions, but this did not last long as Daesh was completely driven out of Deir Ezzur.

Then they became in an unenviable situation faced with two choices , either their true faces are exposed ,and this would lead inevitably to their death,or anounce publicly that they stand by the factions fighting against Daesh,the idea of neutrality was unnacceptable.

At the beginning of the year ( 2014 )A statement was filmed in which factions of the military and revolutionary councils announced that they would stand by the military factions in their fight against Daesh.But they (the untrusted leaders)still kept working secretly for the interests of Daesh,and their mission was limited to recruiting and securing the road between the eastern countryside villages and the area of Al Shula.

In the meantime Daesh annexed the major factions belonging to the military council,it should be noted that the military council itself was not a threat to Daesh but the aim was rather for media propaganda not military and The organization was trying to eliminate any entity other than itself even if it did not represent anything on the ground.

Colonel Munir was the one who oversaw the destruction of a tank bomb which was prepared by the FSA to be detonated inside Deir Ezzur Military Airport,and ISIS was afraid that the Tank Bomb would be used against it in case it entered the areas near the military airport such as the city of Mu Hassan and the villages of Albu Omar and Al Maryaiya.After ISIS took control of Deir Ezzur Colonel Munir was arrested and accused of several stuff but released after he took an oath not to undertake any military or civil actions.

As for Major Abdul Rahman (the Revolutionary Council commander) he contributed and facilitated the entry of Daash to the city of Mu Hassan when he pledged allegiance to the organization in Al Shola area and startred calling on people publicly in the city to plege allegiance to ISIS.He Also exhorted the people of Um Hassan to join the ranks of ISIS but when his role expired he was Killed by the group which later claimed he was killed in a battlefield against Regime.

The story of the pledge of allegiance of Maj. Abdul Rahman commenced when he called,along some other leaders,for the formation of a new militay group called ”Jaysh Al-Khilafa” (The Army of The Caliphate),and thus it became clear that he was preparing the area to be handed over to Daesh and the picture became clearer when he visited the area of al Shula and publicly pleged his allegiance to ISIS.

He began sending threats to those who refused to plege allegiance in the ranks of the FSA,local council workers ,journalists and civilians.

At the beginning they tried to deceive the people of the region into believing that they are trying to unite all the military factions in the city of Um Hassan in order to fight Assad Forces only but their actions exposed them as they emptied the area from other factions, Also they set up checkpoints during night in the region to arrest and liquidate anyone who opposed Daesh and they did achieve what they aimed for as they assasinated all the prominent FSA commanders in Umm Hassan who declared war on ISIS, including Lt. Hassan Al-Hafed and Yasser al Mutlaq,after two days ISIS was able to take over the whole area because we were in front of a battle which was resolved before it began ;and we should not ignore that ISIS was able to control Deir Ezzur province only after FSA factions left the city heading towards Idlib,Qalamon and Deraa,following battles agaisnt Daesh that lasted for 9 months,and the entry of ISIS to the area was a coup de grace on the last military entity which has always represented the people in there and thus blackness prevailed in the province.

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