Russian warplanes bomb a crowd of civilians queuing for bread at a bakery in Al-Omal neighborhood, perpetrating a horrific massacre.

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Horrific, bloody massacre was carried out today by Russian warplanes after they struck densely populated areas in Al-Omal neighborhood, claiming the lives of at least ten civilians and wounding several others, most of whom are presently in an extremely bad shape.


Russian warplanes targeted a crowd of civilians who were queuing for bread near one of the ovens in the neighborhood. This was a domesticated area devoid of any Daesh presence, a local source in Al-Omal neighborhoods indicated to D24 today.

The same source added that, “The wounded were transported to the field hospitals in the city, confirming that the number of martyrs is supposed to increase as many of them have suffered critical injuries.”


This was not the first time Russian warplanes struck civilian targets in Deir Ezzor, as they recently killed 19 civilians following indiscriminatory air strikes on Muhaymidah town in the western countryside of Deir Ezzor.

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