Russian strategic bombers target Al-Asharah city

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The Russian defense ministry announced on Saturday the bombing of Daesh positions in Deir Ezzor using strategic bombers.

It released a statement indicating that 6 Tu-22M3 bombers set off from the Russian bases in Russia and headed to Syria where they hit fortified positions and vehicles belonging to Daesh in Al-Asharah, adding that Su.35S and Su-30SM, which set off from the Russian Humeimim base in Syria, accompanied those bombers to provide air cover.


In other news, Assad warplanes carried out several airstrikles against Al-Asharah and Al-Quriyah, while Assad’s forces shelled with artillery the Sussa town. Brigadier Ali Ismail has sustained a severe injury due to the explosion of a landmine on the vicinity of Al Mayadeen.

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