Russian military police checks and searches Iranian militias’ members in Deir Ezzor

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This morning, the Russian battalion at the metal bridge between al-Shamia and Al-Jazeera areas detained a member of the Iranian Revolutionary Guard Militia (IRGC) in Ein al-Ali area in Al-Quriyah badiyah for unknown reasons.

Russian military police and its checkpoints have been checking and searching Iranian militias’ members who would cross to the northern countryside’s villages after members of the Iranian militias targeted Conoco base, that is controlled by U.S. forces, from areas controlled by the Russian 5th Corps and 1st Division a few months ago. And at the same time some information indicated that IRGC militias have instructed their members to target the U.S. base in Conoco field from positions on the north side of The Eastern Hatla.

Skirmishes continue between U.S. forces and Iranian militias as each side of them have been targeting positions of the other to enhance its own presence.

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