Russia tries to attract tribes of Deir Ezzor again

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Informed sources told Deir Ezzor 24 network that a military meeting took place today at the Russian reconciliation center in Hatlah town. The meeting brought together the security committee, Russian officers, including a senior general from Khmeimim base, and some sheikhs and dignitaries of the SDF-controlled western countryside, who have denounced the American presence east of the Euphrates.

During the meeting, according to the sources, the dignitaries and sheikhs talked about the hegemony of the “SDF”, the widespread corruption of its leaders, and the people’s support for the entery of Assad regime’s army, expressing their desire to live under the umbrella of “Assad” regime and support it with everything they can.

The sources confirmed that the Russians ordered causing chaos and supporting the protests calling for the departure of the Americans from the region. The attendees were shabbiha and supporters of Assad regime, who are charged of forming cells with the aim of spreading chaos and panic in the areas controlled by the “SDF” east of the Euphrates River.

The reconciliation center sent invitations to all the region’s dignitaries and sheikhs, who belong to al-Bakara tribe in the western Deir Ezzor countryside, but the invitations were rejected by the dignitaries who are present in the SDF-controlled areas. Nawaf al-Bashir, Iran’s first man in the region, was the leader of Al-Bakara tribe. At the beginning of the revolution, he joined the rebels, but later he declared his loyalty and support for Assad regime. And since then, he no more has real influence on the tribe, as it clearly expressed its revolutionary position, so Sheikh Hajim Asaad al-Bashir, one of the tribe’s most prominent elders, rose as a new leader and official representative of the tribe in the SDF-held areas.

Both Assad’s forces and the SDF have been trying to attract and gain the favour of the tribes in Deir Ezzor region, as they represent the greatest weight in the region and have influence on their members, who seek their protection, obey their orders and owe allegiance to them.

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