People of Deir Ezzor are shining stars in the skies of the diaspora Part I … Artist Noor Obaid

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Essen Forum for Culture and Arts held an exhibition of photographs, sculptures and fine arts in the state of Essen, Germany.

People of Deir Ezzor had a remarkable presence in the exhibition through their creative participation.

The artist Noor Obaid, the daughter of Deir Ezzor, participated in the exhibition through her multi-thematic paintings of various messages that were conveyed by the colors and details of those paintings, and about her participation in this great event, Noor granted D24 network a detailed speech about this experience, Noor says:

“The exhibition was held in Essen, Germany under the slogan “Germany is my second homeland”, and under the supervision and coordination of the Essen Forum for Culture and Arts, and twelve artists from various Syrian provinces participated in the exhibition and I had the honor of being one of these artists “

She added:

“My participation in the exhibition was through fourteen paintings that I had painted and prepared for this occasion, each painting dealt with a particular theme where some of them talked about the Arab civilization, and some dealt with our Syrian heritage and another about the suffering of the Syrians and one painting brought together ideas about the war crimes that the Syrians experienced over the past years and various other topics”

Noor continued saying:

“I tried through my paintings to convey many messages to the Western public, the most important of which is to show the true face of the Arab woman, and to break the stereotype of the Arab woman in the Western thought as intellectually fossilized, I wanted to convey my idea through my paintings that the Arab woman is intellectually open, as she is a housewife, a mother, and a student and at the same time she makes art.

The artist concluded her speech by saying :

“I am a daughter of my beloved Syria, born in Deir Ezzor from Muhassan city, and I lived my youth in Damascus, and when I arrived in the city where the exhibition “Essen” was held, I was reminded of some details in Damascus and other details took me to the beloved Deir Ezzor which lives in my memory, and I do not forget in every exhibition I hold to draw its features and heritage, Deir Ezzor deserves alot from us. It suffers from marginalization at all levels, and it is our duty as people of that magnificent province to seek to end this marginalization and to point out the civilizational, cultural and economic role of it.

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