Corruption and embezzlement in the sports sector in Deir Ezzor

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The sports sector, like other sectors in Deir Ezzor, suffered a lot, having been almost completely marginalized during the siege of Deir Ezzor city.

And with the rampant corruption in the city at that time and the sharing of its affairs between the governor and the military commanders of the Assad regime, Muayyad Al-Najras was appointed as the official of the Sports committee in Deir Ezzor by the governor and with support of figures from the Assad regime in Damascus, despite the fact that he was a civil servant and had nothing to do with sports at all.

“Al-Najras” began his work with fake contracts on the pretext of sports recovery and maintaining the reputation of Al-Futwah and Al-Yaqadhah teams, and large funds were disbursed for him which till now are not known where they have gone, as there were no sporting events in Deir Ezzor at that time, and as officially there were no players and coaches.

This status continued till the Assad’s forces took control of the city in the late 2017, then the sporting sector in Deir Ezzor gradually started to come alive, with which the embezzlement operations increased, headed by “Al-Najras” in cooperation with Anwar Abdul Qader, the well-known coach, and Hasan Kdhaib, a member of the football federation and others.

And “Muayyad Al-Najras” was directly responsible for many big embezzlement cases, including the gift valued at 4 million Syrian pounds, from the “FIFA” to Al-Futwah team where it was agreed to provide the team with clothes and sports equipment from the sports company known as “Diadora” and after a few months of procrastination, clothes were distributed for the team from local sports brands not exceeding 200,000 Syrian pounds, and when some members of the Committee knew about this, the sports sphere was surprised by the dismissal of the Executive Committee.

After this massive corruption, “Al-Najras” was assigned to the task of rehabilitating and repairing the sports facilities in Deir Ezzor, and all tenders went to his partner who works in the field of contracting and constructions.

After taking up the post, “Al-Najras” prepared a banquet with a cost of 500,000 Syrian pounds, according to some of those close to him.

It is worth mentioning that despite all the tenders and funds that were disbursed since the Assad’s forces controlled the city, nothing changed for the better in the sports setting in Deir Ezzor, but on the contrary it was even worse.

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