One syringe is used for more than one patient in Deir Ezzor public hospitals !!

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Deir Ezzor public hospitals have disastrous conditions, amid negligence and carelessness of the Assad regime.

Where the patients’ guardians are obliged to take care of them because there is a lack of medical staff in those hospitals, in addition to a bad treatment by the a few remaining nurses, adding to it the lack of medicines by 70%, and the medicine in the hospitals is sold to the patients who are supposed to get it free from the hospital pharmacy.

If the patient needs a surgery which is supposed to be free, the doctors takes money for the surgery they perform in these public hospitals.

The hospitals’ corridors also stink because of the poor hygiene and the accumulated dirt, which has become normal in comparison with other things that happen to the patients who visit those hospitals, where one syringe is used to inject more than one patient due to the lack of medical supplies, which leads to the spread of communicable diseases, so the patient’s family have to buy the medical supplies during surgeries, such as sera at high prices.

As for the necessary medical devices in hospitals, most of them were stolen during the siege by some officials in the health sector in association with officers from the Assad forces, headed by the commander of the National Defense Militia in Deir Ezzor “Firas Al-Iraqiyah” in coordination with General “Muhammed Khadour” operational commander of the eastern region and Dr. “Muhammed Najim”, director of Health in Deir Ezzor.

It is indicated that there have been several cases of death in Deir Ezzor public hospitals due to carelessness, lack of medicine, and medical supplies, where the last one was the child Sajid, who was just two months old, where he was taken to the National hospital and because of the lack of equipment such as respirators and incubators and lack of medical care, he died one day after he entered the hospital.

It is worth mentioning that an amount of 100 million SYP was provided by UNDP for the rehabilitation of the Assad hospital, through a tender announced by the Organization, and it went to the governor of Deir Ezzor who took the amount, and nothing has changed with the hospital until today.

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