New clashes between Assad’s forces and Daesh in Deir Ezzor, but the casualties are always civilians

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In light of the ongoing clashes between Assad’s forces and Daesh, the Assad regime continue to carry out intense airstrikes on civilian areas that are distant from the front lines.


Both, the Russian and Assad, warplanes have carried out dozens of airstrikes against Daesh-held neighborhoods of Deir Ezzor city and the city of Muhassan, which is 17 km far from the front lines, killing several civilians and wounding dozens of others.


Some were identified as :

Nusrah Hamoud ( the wife of Jaber Makhlaf)

Jumana Jaber Makhlaf  , her unborn baby and son Malek, in addition to her husband Wassim from Al—Marriyah

Alaa Khalil Al-Leili Waka’


The airstrikes that killed those civilians were carried out yesterday evening in which they bombed residential buildings, causing several civilian casualties.

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