Assad’s forces and allied militias carry out a new arrest campaign targeting the youth in besieged Deir Ezzor

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Assad’s forces began a forced conscription campaign on Monday, and since then they have arrested several young male civilians residing in the Qusour, the Joura and the Harabish neighborhoods. The arrested are forced to perform forced labors, including the digging of trenches and establishment of barricades, as well as cleaning.

Meanwhile, the National Defense militia has not released the forced recruits whom they arrested recently. In addition, they have launched an arrest campaign in which they detained students, who adjourned their studies. The militia released some of the detainees only after they had to sign a contract to volunteer into its ranks and had their IDs taken from them.

Those who refused to sign the contract are being subjected to torture in headquarters of the NDF militia.


Assad’s forces and allied militia have carried out all kinds of atrocities against the trapped civilians in besiegd Deir Ezzor, including the deployment of those civilians to the front lines against Daesh, where they face death very quickly.

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