NDF appoints Mohammed al-Assaf as its new leader in al-Mayadeen after Mohammed al-Zahir’s death

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The leadership of the national defense militia (NDF) in Deir Ezzor appointed “Mohammed al-Assaf” as the commander of the militia in the Al-Mayadeen city, according to Deir Ezzor 24 network correspondent.

The new commander came few days after Shakkur al-Assaf was assigned to lead the militia temporarily in Al-Mayadeen, the correspondent said.

Al-Assaf was appointed few weeks after the former commander of the NDF, Mohammed Tayseer al-Zahir, was killed along with a Russian officer in a landmine explosion during a joint tour of al-Mayadeen badiyah.

Al-Assaf’s history is full of crimes, robberies and drug trafficking.

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