Names of the victims killed by the VBIED yesterday in Ash-Shahil town

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A VBIED exploded yesterday, afternoon, 21/2/2019 in Ash-Shahil town in the eastern Deir Ezzor countryside.

According to D24 correspondent, the VBIED targeted a car carrying workers returning from their work in Al-Omar field, and 14 people died in the terrorist bombing.

The correspondent added:

Most of the dead were from Diban town which is located near Al-Mayadeen city, some of them were killed directly in the bombing, and others died of their serious injuries caused by the bombing.

The names of the victims killed by the bombing are:

1- Muhammad Al Khalil

2- Khalil Al-Ahmed Al-Khalil

3- Muhammad Saleh Al-Khalaf

4- Ahmad Saleh Al-Khalaf

5- Omar Saleh Al-Khalaf

6- Hleil Al-Khalaf

7- Saleh Al-Khalaf

8- Khalaf Al-Ja’el

9- Saher Al-Mekhlif

10- Hamoud Al-Obeid Al-Wasmi

11- Abdul-Ghafour Aiyed Al-Omeir

12- Majid Al-Shkeik

13- Ismail Al-Sabbah

14- Abdul-Samad Al-Khalaf Al-Bidrah

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