Members of Al-Bukhabour tribe form their own tribal body in the presence of elders and Sheikhs from the tribes of the region.

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As a part of the efforts made by figures of Al-Bukhabour tribe in Deir Ezzor to form a tribal body, elders and tribal figures from al-Bukhabour held a meeting yesterday, Friday 11-10-2019, in Deir Ezzor countryside.

The meeting resulted in a statement in relation to many internal issues of the tribe. It also included several demands.

In a video statement released by the meeting’s organizers, the tribes members demanded that all the families of Deir Ezzor, especially women and children, be released from the camps run by the Autonomous administration forces in Hasaka province.

The statement called on the international and humanitarian organizations to provide support to the displaced people inside Syria and urged them to work to ensure the return of the displaced people and refugees to their lands.

The statement also called on the responsible authorities not to arbitrarily arrest any of Deir Ezzor’s people without proving them guilty, and not to discriminate between Deir Ezzor’s people and other people regarding services, and movement, “where Deir Ezzor’s people in particular are required to carry entrant cards to be able to move freely.”

Finally, the statement announced the formation of the public relations office of Al-Bukhabour tribe, whose task is to communicate with the tribesmen in the region and abroad, and with the responsible authorities, to serve the interest of the tribe’s members.

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