ISIS shelling of Al-Joura district of Deir Ezzor kills one civilian, wounds a number of others

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ISIS continues shelling the besieged districts of Deir Ezzor city that are under the regime control, utilizing heavy artillery and mortar.


“A few hours ago, ISIS targeted the regime-held Al-Joura district of Deir Ezzor with mortar shells that landed close to the health directorate and Al-Jaz bakery, resulting in the death of one civilian and injury of three others.” A D24 correspondent said today.


He added, “The regime ambulances of the Syrian Arab Red Crescent have transported the injured civilians to the military hospital in Ghazi Ayash district.’’


It is worth to note that ISIS has repeatedly targeted densely populated areas in Deir Ezzor city without distinguishing between the civilian and the regime military targets. No regime targets have been attacked, hit or shelled in the area so far’’.

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