Infighting broke out between the militias of the Jaysh Al-Ashayer and the National Defense.

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Yesterday, fierce clashes broke out between the National Defense militia and the Jaysh Al-Ashayer ( the Army of the Tribe) militia in the Wadi Street in the besieged neighborhood of Al-Joura, resulting in casualties from both sides.


The clashes erupted after an NDF militiaman arrested a fighter belonging to Jaysh Al-Ashayer and refused to release him after putting him in one of their headquarters. Afterwards, the Jaysh Al-Ashayer attacked that headquarter, which is located near the post building in the Joura neighborhood, using anti-aircraft, RPG and light weapons. The confrontations escalated to include the Wadi Street and areas nearby it. The NDF also assaulted a headquarter belonging to the Jaysh Al-Ashayer in the Sijn Street using different weapons.


The clashes led to the wounding and the capturing of fighters from both parties. After that, Issam Zahredine, the commander of the Republican Guards in Deir Ezzor, intervened and put an end to the infighting.


This was not the first infighting to occur in Assad-held areas, which reflect the deep dispute between the commanders of Assad’s forces in Deir Ezzor. Those militias are used in the fight against Daesh in the province and also for the protection of the interests of each commander in the regime-held pocket.



The Jaysh Al-Ashayer consists of fighters from the Shaitat tribe and other areas in the province. It is linked with the commander of the Republican Guards, Issam Zahredine. There are also militias belonging to military security branches who are loyal to the ones who formed them only.

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