Daesh appoints a new governor of the so called ‘Wilayat Al-Furat’

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Daesh replaced the Wali (governor) of Wilayat Al-Furat, Abu Abdul Rahman Al-Iraqi, with ‘Abu Hussein Al-Iraqi.  Abu Hussein is an Iraqi born in the city of Al-Falujah.

Following his appointement as the new governor of the Wilayat Al-Furat, he issued an amnesty on prisoners and exempted families residing in Al-Buakamal, which is a part of the Furat Wilaya, from water and electricity bills in an attempt to gain more support from the locals, mainly due to the tense situation which the city experienced recently.


Wilayat Al-Furat was established two year ago and it includes the city of Al-Buakamal and its countryside as well as the Iraqi city of Al-Qaim and surrounding areas.

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