In a secret move, IRGC in Al-Bukamal allow the crossing of a convoy of drugs

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Deir Ezzor 24 exclusive:

The fourth Division released a car loaded with hashish and drugs after stoppping it at their checkpoint in Al-Bukamal after confirmation that t the car belonged to the IRGC and that its driver had a passing approval from the IRGC security office.

It should be noted that drugs are usually made in factories belonging to Lebanese Hezbollah militia in Al-Quseir and then they are sold to the Iranian militias and Assad militias, as well as Assad officers and Iranian commanders to organize their entry into the Syrian territory under the protection of Assad mafia and his backers.

Previous press reports mentioned that a cheap drug industry has been set up in Syria by drug dealers and illegal authorities. Smuggling networks have increased and insecurity has changed from bad to worse, creating a perfect atmosphere for such illegal business in total violation of international conventions.

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