Firass al-Iraqiyah swears loyalty to Assad

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Social media websites circulated a video showing Firas al-Jiham, who is known as Firas al-Iraqiya, a prominent agent of the Assad regime in Deir Ezzor, with dignitaries from the area swearing with blood for ultimate loyalty to Bashar al-Assad forever. Al-Jiham and the dignitaries also swore to support Assad in east of the Euphrates, Eskenderon, al-Raqqa, Idlib, and Golan. They swore to sacrifice themselves for the sake of Assad. Al-Jiham called this oath as “Blood covenant.”

Al-Iraqiya posted on Facebook calling to resist the American and Turkish occupations.

On Tuesday, al-Iraqiya and Hasan al-Ghadban, who is influential in the area, distributed Idiyah (Money bonus) to fighters at checkpoints in the eastern sector. The Popular Defense Society distributed Idiyah to National Defense (ND) fighters through the Discipline and Organizing Office. Each fighter received 10,000 Syrian pounds. The Shaheed (Martyr) Institution distributed 40,000 SYP to each family of ND’ killed fighters with the attendance of Manar al-Iraqiyah’s wife.

Al-Ghadban is the commander of the ND militia’ eastern sector known as the al-Jafra sector. Al-Ghadban is influential in the area and a key supporter of Assad in Deir Ezzor.

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