Deir Ezzor municipality pressures stall owners to activate its markets

Written by Editorial Board

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Deir Ezzor municipality forced stall owners in Al-Hawd and al-Bi’ah streets either to remove their stalls as happened to the stalls near the teachers’ park or they must raise the monthly amount they pay to the municipality from 22,000 to 35,000 Syrian pounds. This decision comes at a time people are suffering from deteriorating economic and living conditions in the province.

The municipality is pressuring people to move their stalls to the Cinema Fu’ad Street and the charity markets area that is constructed by “al-Najjar” near Deir Ezzor prison and al-Salama gas station. Assad regime’s government paid millions of pounds to build stalls in those areas, but people didn’t prefer them due to their remote locations and high rents, which reach about 50,000 SYP a month for the 3-meter-square stalls and 75,000 for the 5-meter-square stalls.

The market in Cinema Fu’ad Street was rehabilitated earlier this year, as it is an active market that includes a variety of trades.

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