Daesh punishments in Deir Ezzor…”we prevail by bloodshed and intimidation’

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Daesh worked to increase their influence and strength in areas under their control, by spilling blood of the innocent using terror methods. The objectives of that are known and some of them are hidden, and the most affected by this systematic sadism are defenseless citizens, who have become a prisoner of Daesh trap and the victims of the horrific methods employed by the organization. People of Deir Ezzor have the biggest share of bloodshed due to their rejecting of the rule of Daesh since the beginning of the capturing of the province. They resisted against the group by fighting fierce clashes that lasted for more than three months, until the province was drained and, therefore, fell to both, the Assad regime and Daesh.

Daesh at their height: In this period, they established a judicial and executive authority for each state (city) controlled by the organization.
Types of Hudud implemented by the organization: Theft Hadd (punishment): This Hadd applies to each one that they accuse of theft. The punishment is carried out by the cutting off of the hand of the accused.
Implementation: Daesh members bring people together in a public square, or in the courtyard of a mosque, put the accused in the middle of the gathering of people, one of them recites the statement of the verdict, and implementation begins. In the early stages of the organization control, they were carrying out the verdict in a brutal manner, where the hand of the accused would be chopped by a big chopper without being given any kind of anesthesia, which caused severe torment and pain apart from the psychological torment, which affects the accused.


In the later stages, they started to give the condemned an anesthetic drug before the implementation of the judgment, they called this drug (the state drink), which is a narcotic drug infects the person with a temporary paralysis of the limbs.

A story that happened (eyewitness): I was living in a small town in the eastern countryside of Deir Ezzor. I saw many cases of sentences implementation by Daesh. After a Friday prayer, one of Daesh members advocated that there was an implementation of theft Hadd and that everyone should attend. They brought us together in the public square of the city, then brought the accused and he was in his twenties, they read the statement, he was accused by his cousin, one of the Organization members, of stealing a motorcycle. The implementation began, where they put the hand of the young man on a table, and he was anesthetized, one of the members commanded him to look at his hand which will be cut off, and then ordered the executioner to hit his hand. The executioner hit his hand with a large cleaver but it did not cut off, so four members gathered and caught his body and one caught his hand, then hit him a second blow and also did not separate his hand from his body. The executioner had been embarrassed, got angry and began hurts his hand with a smaller cleaver, and the members pulled the young man body to side and his hand to another side. This coincided with the screams and pain of the young man who lost consciousness and woke up to find out that his had had been cut off.

The Qisas verdict (decapitation): There are many charges leading to this punishment by Daesh, including: The Free Army members who fought against Daesh. Ahrar al-Sham members. Who belonged to the National Defence Forces or members of the regime. Who are with any fighter faction except “the State.” Who deal with the US-Coalition. Who deal with the Syrian National Coalition. Who communicate with an apostate. Who receives his salary from the regime (special for the people of Deir Ezzor). Who incite against the “State”. The magicians. The ingrate to his parents. Who blaspheme the divine.
Implementation: Daesh members are creative in implementing this kind of sentences, and often make them as letters to send them to their enemies, so they show unmatched brutality. Some of the implementation modalities were published in videos, using methods of murder that were not known before.

Story that happened (eyewitness): We had been gathered by the Organization members in the village market to implement “the Qisas punishment”, where a guy in his twenties from the city of al-Mayadin, accused of being a member of the sleeper cells of the Free Army and for the instigation to fight “the State”. They brought the young man and made him drink the State drink, and kneel on the ground on knees and hands, and his head forward. One of them began to read the verdict statement, and after that the order of implementation came, the executioner drew a large cleaver (used for slaughter) and hit on the neck of the young man, but the executioner mistook his target and hit his back, what made his ribs to go out of his body, the executioner took a deep breath and hit him a second blow did not cut off his head, the executioner threw the cleaver and ran to the car, to come back and a small sharp knife in his hand. In these minutes, the young man screams were filling the place amid the fear, despair and stupor of the spectators and some takbeers of Daesh members, the executioner grabbed the young by the hair and began slaying him until cut his head off.

The punishment for homosexuality (sodomy) Applied on everyone that their mobile phone contained sexual images, spotted in “fishy” sight, or were witnessed by a member of the Organization, as the attestation of Daesh members is higher than the ordinary people attestation, where their attestation equals two attestations of ordinary people. Implementation: The accused of this thing are thrown from the highest building in the region (towering).

A story that happened (eyewitness) The judge issued a verdict to implement the punishment of homosexuality on a young man, because al-Hisba patrol members saw him sitting next to a young man in his shop at noon. People gathered around the building, the member read the statement, and then the young man was thrown from the highest point of an eight-floor building. When the person hit the ground, he did not even lost consciousness, but he began groaning only, and stood on his feet holding his shoulder, so the Emir of the patrol held his pistol and finished him.

Note: The Organization members adopt a new method to disperse the crowded people and distracting their anger after each execution of a judgment, where they play a recorded voice of airplanes, on hidden loudspeakers, to scare people and quickly disperse them.

Arbitrary sentences: Many cases of loss of people occurred, and the culprit unknown, until some of the young men who work in the desert (quarries workers) discovered something, where they more than once saw cars of the organization members come and bring some person with them, and within minutes they kill and bury him, and return back the same way.

People of Deir Ezzor remain at the mercy of Daesh members, the sentences without control, and the punishments come of revenge, and no signs of any intentions to save them from the bloody Daesh and the lava of US-Coalition, which claims to fight Daesh.

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