Daesh prepares to blow up a mosque in rural Deir Ezzor after closing it

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Imam Mohamed Al-Baqer Mosque in the village of Al-Muhaymida, western Deir Ezzor’s countryside, has been closed by Daesh under the pretext of it having a shrine inside.



“Daesh will soon blow up the mosque after it is done with evacuation of civilians living around it.” a D24 correspondent in rural Deir Ezzor indicated today.




He added, “ The decision has created a huge discontent amongst helpless civilians in the region.”



Destroying mosques having shrines inside is not the first of its kind, as the group has repetitively blown up several of them in its held territory in eastern Syria under the pretext that they are forbidden.


The organization relies on a twisted interpretation and fatwa banning prayers in such mosques for being in violation with Islamic Sharia code.

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